Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Disney World- Day 4

Hope you all aren't tired of hearing about our trip :-) Not to worry, this is the last day and then I will move on to fall fun.

We ended our Disney World fun by heading to Animal Kingdom. Our first stop was the Safari Tour. Everyone enjoyed this trip. It was fun watching Nicholas look at the pictures above us to see what he should be on the look out for. Joshua couldn't wait to see the elephants and to play with Zachary.

Lathering up with sunscreen. The kids decided to switch off sitting with each other.

Not sure why Nicholas is so mad.
Joshua loves to touch his brother.

After the tour the adults rode a roller coaster. It made my stomach turn a little bit, but was lots of fun. It had a surprise built in of going backwards for a little bit. Fun times. We then headed to Dino Land for a little bit before going to see the Nemo Show. We were excited to have Joshua go to Dino Land since he is in love with Dinosaurs. We had to wake him up though since he ended up falling asleep on the stroll over there. All the fun caught up to him early this day. The boys went and played while Zachary ate and then we all rode a ride together. It was then off to the show. I wish I had pictures of that, but you can't get good ones in there. Joshua was mesmerized the entire time. We had great seats up front too which was a lot of fun for us all. Definitely better than being up top. Joshua would have gotten on the stage I think if we let him.

Joshua was very excited that he was able to control the dinosaur.

Zachary was holding on for dear life.

Sophie and Zachary. Isn't she precious.
He's pretty cute too.

We then went back to ride the roller coaster again and ate ice cream. Once we finished that the boys went on the water ride. Joshua started to cry because he couldn't go. It was so pitiful. He wanted to go with Daddy and big brother. So, Burt took him to see if he could make the height requirement and apparently he did because he didn't bring him back to me. So, Brittny and I took Sophie and Zachary to the bridge to see if we could catch the boys coming down the ride. We missed them the first time, but caught them the second go around. Joshua didn't want to go again so Burt brought him out to me. He was a little wet, not scared, just didn't want to get wet again I guess.

I love how excited Christopher was.

After that we headed back to Dino World until the park closed at 5. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We picked up a few souveniers and ended our journey. While waiting for our bus the kids ran around and played with their toys. We then decided to pay for a taxi to get us home. It was much more pleasant than fighting with all of our stuff to get on a bus with tons of people. We made it back much sooner too. We ate a great dinner, played one more round of putt-putt, bathed the kids and got them to bed at a decent hour. We were then able to sit down and relax and talk a bit ourselves before packing up. It was a nice way to end our vacation. We had so much fun with the Hemphill's and look forward to the next time we can vacation together.

Princesses and Dinosaurs- who says they can't live in harmony.


Lauren W said...

I can't look at any more Disney pictures. I am too jealous. And you're SO good about blogging your pics. We went for a week and I only did one blog post on the trip. I left out so many pictures, I'm afraid.

So, did the boys ride Everest?

The Khans said...

That's funny Lauren. I am sure you had a million pictures too.

And no they did not ride Everest. I don't think they are quite tall enough yet and I am sure it would have scared them to death. The "big boys" did though.