Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our Saturday

Today was a wonderful day for everyone in my opinion. I had the opportunity to spend most of the day at a women's retreat at our church. We had a great speaker, a preacher's wife from a local church, come in to talk to us about the Kingdom and a little bit about what that means in our world. She was very lively, knowledgeable and made us laugh, made us cry and most of all made us think. It was so nice to be in the presence of such wonderful women in our church and just have a day to be filled with the Spirit. We all thouroughly enjoyed it and had a yummy lunch to boot. Now, if I can just put what I learned into practice that would be great. I arrived home a little before 3 to an empty house. This was quite enjoyable for the time I had complete silence, but perplexing at the same time since normally Joshua would be napping at this time., here is what the boys were doing.....

While I was away Burt and the boys had an adventure. They started out by playing at the house and taking baths before heading out to pick up my consignment check. Apparently Joshua slept on the way there, which helped get him through the rest of the day. They then headed to Target to pick up a few things, enjoyed lunch in the food court and people watched. Somehow talk of going to the bookstore where the trains are ensued and Joshua would not give up on going so Burt decided since it was almost past naptime anyway, that what the heck, might as well go on another adventure. So, on to the bookstore they went. The boys played with trains and they read a few books before getting a cookie and coffee and heading outside to sit on the bench. After they ate their treat they ran around some, ventured into Gap where Burt let the boys run wild, returned outside again to run and then packed back up to head to Costco. They got the needed essentials from there, ran around a bit more before finally returning home around 4pm. They had started on their adventure around 10:30am.

The boys had a great time and I was very impressed with Burt taking them to so many places in one day. I can barely do one errand with the two of them these days. Nicholas was sad they only went on four adventures, he wanted to go on 10. Fun times. When they got home the weather was still nice so they played outside while I continued to lay on the couch and enjoy my "day off". They started to get cranky by 5ish so I got their dinner ready and we put on a show for them and had a picnic. The boys weren't much into eating, but they did get something in before we got them ready for bed. That was a fight of course since they were so worn out, but we go them into bed around 7ish and they were out by 7:30. They could have fallen asleep earlier, but we were afraid of what time they would wake up. It was so nice to have sleeping boys so early. Burt and I actually had time to spend together before we got too tired. What a novel thing. I say it was a great day for everyone. The boys love spending time with their daddy and Burt enjoyed just being able to do whatever they wanted on a beautiful day and I enjoyed having me time. Yeah for a great Saturday.


Betsy and the Boys said...

Yay for you- you deserve it!

Stacey said...

That is so awesome!!!! Yay Burt! Yay for you!!!