Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weekend Fun

We went to Florida this past weekend to visit with the Hemphill's. We had a wonderful time watching the kids play, playing Wii, riding bikes, eating, celebrating Sophie's birthday and just catching up with each other. We can't remember the last time we got together, but we think it was October. That's a long time ago. Brittny did a great overview of the weekend so if you would like more details please visit her post. It was great to see them and as an added bonus we weren't breaking up fights every five seconds over toys this time around. There were times of course we did, but not as many which was a blessing. The adults could actually converse, go figure.

I didn't get many pictures, but here are a few (there are some on my new "little" camera, but I have to download them. I will add those later).

Sophie and Joshua enjoying jelly toast.

Rocking out to the Wii.
The beautiful birthday girl. Isn't she precious.

Sophie took her bow out and put the princess crown on instead. Too cute.
After partying hard the kids had to rest and watch some tv.

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