Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun words/thoughts by Nicholas

I wanted to share a few of the funny things Nicholas has said lately and the next post I am going to add random pictures since I havne't been good about blogging about our activities. Currently he is using the words "beautiful, delicious and wonderful" quite often. He will say, "wow this is delicious" to a dinner I made which always makes me smile, "that's beautiful" or "how wonderful" to various things. It is just funny to hear him say sentences with those words in it. The latest funny story goes like this. Usually at bedtime I go in to read Nicholas a story and then Burt comes in to pray with us. Once Burt leaves I hang around for a few songs and Nicholas plays with my hair a little. This particular night Burt was laying down with us. After the prayer and when Burt said, "Goodnight, I love you", Nicholas turned to him and said, "Goodnight Daddy, I love you, now go away." It was the funniest thing. He made sure Burt knew he didn't want him to lay down with us. Too cute.

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Lauren W said...

Absolutely adorable. Now bust out the video camera. :-)