Monday, July 13, 2009

New Phrase

Nicholas has a new phrase around the house now when someone does something interesting or funny mainly.

(He, Joshua, that, etc) flat out silly.

Wonder where he got that expression???? The boy is a sponge these days I tell you. It is funny when he says things like this, but other phrases aren't so wonderful. We definitely have to be on our toes about words we use that's for sure.


Lisa said...

That's funny. It's amazing what phrases kids will pick nieces are absolutely hilarious, and half the stuff they say just makes you scratch your head in amazement and wonder how that thought or phrase got into their heads. You're right, you have to really stay on your toes and watch what you say!

Stacey said...

Awww how sweet! Love it! I've got to watch what I say too...Chase has picked up "rap" from me saying Crap. Big oops. Need to be more careful about that!