Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Day Out With Thomas

Thanks to Amanda's post I found out that Thomas the Train was making an appearance in Calera, AL. Nicholas is obsessed with him right now, even though we don't even have a train set, but we do have the videos and a few books about Thomas. He lines up all his cars instead to make a train or pushes blocks around. So, what better activity to go to on a Saturday afternoon than this. It was so much fun to watch the excitement on his face. It was a surprise for him so when he walked up and saw Thomas he went wild. I wish I had taken the video camera. He also enjoyed the other trains he could board, putt putt golf, the mini train, the bouncer slide, the singing one man band and meeting Sir Topham Hatt. Joshua had a good time too by the way, although he did not like Sir Topham Hatt. He screamed his head off next to him. Wish we had that picture. He enjoyed the "band" and the trains though. It was a lot of fun and a new experience for us all.

The whistle was a little loud for Nicholas.

I don't know if you can really tell in the pictures, but for every shot Nicholas would have his tongue sticking out in great concentration. He was really focused that's for sure. He probably played three or four rounds of putt putt.

Nicholas walked right up to Sir Topham Hatt and starting poking his belly. It was so funny. He really enjoyed him which is weird considering how he was at DisneyWorld with all the characters. What a difference a few months makes. He also gave him a high five after taking pictures.

We did not pose him. This is how he chose to ride the little train. Chillin', kicking back, enjoying the scenery and the beautiful weather. What a character this little guy is.

Kind of looks like Nicholas is pushing Joshua's head through the bars here, but really he did it all on his own. Makes for a fun picture though.

Great train shots of the boys before we took off. They loved being able to look out the window as we rode "Thomas".

Joshua enjoying drinking from a straw by stealing my lemonade. Sneaky fella.
Nicholas with his monkey climbing a tree. He was very excited about this, plus having a Percy tattoo on his hand. Fun times.
Our last stop before heading home was the slide. Nicholas kept bargaining for more times to go up. The staff member finally grabbed him for us before he headed back up the ladder so we could go. It was almost 6:30pm by this time and we had an hour drive back home. You think he had fun???? Yeah for a Day Out With Thomas.

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Lisa said...

Great pics! I especially love the ones of Nicholas covering his ears and also kicking back on the train. Looks like y'all had a fun day!